Simplify and Maximize the investment of our clients.

NOOK’s exclusive model is inspired by an innovative and creative way of approaching the investment and real estate management market in Portugal:

NOOK’s value proposition is based on an approach, structured in 3 interconnected business units, which guarantee the highest efficiency and efficiency of our investor-clients.

The NOOK model strongly oriented to personalization, efficiency and simplification of the relationship with the client, aims to cover the whole cycle of real estate investment in Portugal, in a personalized and exclusive way.

The NOOK team has relevant and valuable experience and expertise in the field of construction management, investment analysis, real estate management and local housing management.


To be a strategic partner for investors in Portugal.

Aligned with current market trends in the area of Tourism and Real Estate, NOOK is born from a deep appreciation for the Real Estate Investment Management and Analysis combined with the Short-Term Accommodation Management skills and experience.

The NOOK brand aims to be the strategic partner for investors in Portugal, a brand with a leadership spirit, which promises innovative management, offering in a very personalized way, tailor-made solutions.


Client – Our Clients are at the center of everything we do. We work every day in a personalized way to simplify and maximize the investment of our clients.

Competence and Skills  – We manage our clients investments with professionalism, commitment and technical rigor.

Trust and Credibility – We are clear and transparent in the information we present to clients, investors and the market and rigorous in management practices.

Creativity – We mobilize resources and solutions OUT-OF-THE-BOX in a market of very high demand and constant evolution.




Rua da Misericórdia, 14 – Nº 58, 1200-273 Lisboa

+351 966 873 346 | geral@thenook.pt 


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